Thanks to its rich nutritional profile, the consumption of red meat is indicated not only in the diet of every healthy person, but is particularly recommended in some specific cases.

With reference to age, for example, the high digestibility of red meat makes it perfect for providing children with all the essential amino acids needed to build new tissue and support the body’s need for iron. Useful throughout the growth period, it then becomes precious for girls in adolescence, protecting them from the risk of anemia that can accompany the development period buy wagyu steak online.

In old age, on the other hand, red meat, combined with the right level of physical activity, is of great help in maintaining the mass, strength and efficiency of muscle tissue, counteracting the risk of sarcopenia, a condition which tends to appear over the years and which can compromise the quality of life.


Speaking of muscles and strength, red meat also proves to be an excellent ally for those who practice sports and need to supply the body with amino acids to grow muscle mass and to repair tissues after the stress of performance. Without forgetting the usefulness of the minerals and vitamins that red meat contains: magnesium and potassium support muscle function, while iron and B vitamins, as well as optimizing energy production, help to replenish the right amount of red blood cells, decompensated especially in long-lasting sports such as marathons.

Furthermore, among the subjects who can benefit most from the consumption of red meat are expectant mothers and new mothers struggling with breastfeeding. During pregnancy, in fact, the need for protein increases (you need to take 6 grams more every day), as does the need for iron and red meat is an excellent source of both these nutrients. Without underestimating its richness in vitamin B12 , essential for the correct development of the nervous system in the fetus. Even after the birth of the baby, the consumption of red meat remains important, both to provide the new mother with the substances that make up her mother’s milk, and to help her recover from the iron losses suffered during childbirth.