Even though it’s an incredible productivity tool but it’s true that the iPhone does not have all the features you need. Apps become essential.

The first time ever, Apple’s smartphones feature Crash Detection and Emergency SOS which can reach out for help via satellite when you’re in a cell deadzone.

CleanUp App helps you free the room on your iPhone by scanning and eliminating duplicate photos, videos, contacts, and other data to allow room for new. Additionally, it helps manage data more efficiently with features like private Vault and compression of files.

iPhone 15

  1. Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket is an e-book version of the well-known Procreate application that was initially designed for iPads. It’s now accessible on iPhones also. For those who are artists who’s on mobile, this could be one of the best apps for boosting your efficiency.

The award-winning app is built on the highly efficient Silica-M Metal engine and includes all the tools required to create expressive sketches, rich paintings and gorgeous illustrations for your iPhone. The app features 136 hand-crafted brushes, effects for wet painting as well as advanced tools for time-lapse.

You can also capture your color inspiration with Color Harmony and easily add, remove or change colors using Selection Color Fill. Additionally, the interface is user-friendly enough for beginners and seasoned professionals too. It can be used with both fingers and stylus inputs so that you can select the drawing experience that meets the needs of your particular situation.

  1. Microsoft SwiftKey

Increase your productivity by using this keyboard application that predicts your typing habits. Microsoft SwiftKey learns your swiping habits and predicts what you will be typing next by using artificial intelligence. The app also lets you customize keyboard designs and search for emojis for greater convenience.

Apple’s iPhone 15 and 15 Plus provide a superior 5G experience which speeds up download speeds and enhanced audio quality when you use FaceTime or any third-party app. Its 256GB storage tier is also a boon for video and photography enthusiasts who wish to keep large images.

It was announced this week that Microsoft made it clear that it would be returning its popular iOS keyboard app SwiftKey it had removed from Microsoft in December of last year after an extended hiatus. The app now comes with new functions to work with Bing, which lets you chat and search for things without the need to switch applications.

  1. Canva

Increased productivity has never been more simple thanks to the iPhone’s impressive array of apps. These useful tools will keep you organized to communicate with colleagues as well as create stunning graphics.

Canva’s iPhone application is designed to make high-quality design easier to access. The platform offers a ton of custom-designed templates to suit any occasion from tweets to thank-you cards. It also includes designer-approved font matching and photo effects that guarantee that your creations look professional.

The Canva iOS app has already racked over two million downloads and features a live camera feature that allows users to take photos and incorporate them into their design on the move. It is free to download, however you must sign up for access to premium resources and also the possibility of working with other teams.

  1. Forest

Apple has a rich history of revealing new iPhone models at the beginning of September and letting them be available for ordering on the Friday following before bringing them to stores the day after that. In this year’s iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 series will follow this same model.

The biggest upgrade to this model is a move away from Lightning into USB-C. Some other noteworthy additions are bigger screens, a main camera of 48 megapixels with Dynamic Island as well as the faster A16 Bionic chip.

Forest is a unique productivity app which helps you focus by planting virtual trees that grow only for as long as you’re engaged without using your smartphone. When you exit this app, your tree begins to die and will eventually go away, triggering the timer to be reset. As part of a partnership with Trees for the Future, this app has assisted users create real forests across 136 nations.

  1. Pocket

iPhone 15 Plus users will have access to the new features Apple introduced with iOS 17. In addition to Contact Posters, NameDrop and Interactive widgets to real-time locations sharing via Messages as well as the automatic blurring of nakedness on Standby and Standby; these new improvements bring an array of enhancements in quality of life.

The one thing that’s unique for Pro models includes the 120Hz refresh rate that’s available on the iphone 15 plus 256gb Super Retina XDR OLED display. Improve your productivity with iPhone 15 Plus apps like Pocket which allows you to stream publications while hands-free and eyes-free learning. There are also themes to choose from Light, Dark and Sepia Themes that will reduce screen brightness and reduce eye strain when studying. What’s more, it’s cross-platform, and may be downloaded on a computer or Android devices, too.