Power To Choose Texas is a site that allows users to compare the costs of energy plans from a range of providers. This state-run shopping site was created to assist customers choose the most suitable plan. However, the site has been criticised for its outdated and confusing design. It has also been accused of unfair and untrue practices by a large number of its clients.

The state of Texas created Power To Choose in response to deregulation, which allowed retail electric providers to begin selling electricity to customers. The deregulation process gave Texans the option of a variety of plans for their energy and allowed people to choose a plan that would be suited to their requirements.

The Texas Public Utility Commission now manages the website. The commission is working to ensure that the website is accurate and provides information to consumers. In addition to providing customers with the tools they need to pick the best energy plan, it is also trying to inform them about the options available to them.

One of the first reasons the site was established was to allow consumers to compare electric rates. At that time there was a lack of an efficient market for electricity and power companies learned how to manipulate the system to benefit themselves. Customers who opted for rates that were extremely low were later informed that they had to pay additional fees like termination charges.

The Power to Choose website was the first to allow consumers to look up electricity plans in Texas. The website eventually became a maze for consumers, however. While the site was designed to provide consumers with the information they needed to make an informed choice but it didn’t consider things like the size of the customer’s home, their usage of electricity and budget.

Power to Choose has since been plagued by complaints from electricity suppliers and customers. Some customers have noticed that their prices have increased and have been astonished by their bills. These problems have led some to question whether or not the rates are accurate. Recent findings show that the rates are quite exact.

The Texas legislature passed legislation in the early 2000s to de-regulate electricity providing residents with the ability to select an electric plan. There are now more than 120 electric retailers that compete for consumers as well as business. A few of these retail electric companies provide fixed-priced products, while others offer index-based products that allow customers to buy electricity based on the amount of electricity used.

The site that lets you choose also features a Power Wizard, which helps customers to find the most affordable and convenient plan. This tool scans hundreds of plans to find the best match for customers. In contrast to other utilities, EnergyBot does not charge consumers variable rates and hidden fees. Instead it connects to the utility in order to obtain precise usage data. With the help of the Power Wizard, customers can be assured that they are not overpaying for electricity.