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Energy Choices in Ohio

Deregulation has allowed residents to choose ohio energy choice to supply their homes or businesses with natural gas and electricity. This has led to greater competition and more perks than ever before, such as rewards programs and better contract terms and lower costs.

Ohio Basics of Energy Choice

In 1996, Ohio passed the Natural Gas Alternative Regulation law to give consumers the opportunity to choose their own energy provider. This was the start of the deregulation of energy in Ohio.

In the past the utility companies were the sole source of natural gas. These companies owned the pipelines that transport the gas to your area and were responsible for maintaining them. Consequently, if your natural gas service was cut off or there was an issue with your local distribution utility’s infrastructure, you should contact the utility company directly.

But now, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) unbundled gas delivery costs from the cost of the gas itself, allowing customers to purchase gas from suppliers that could provide a better price and more competitive natural gas plans and rates.

This has resulted in increased efficiency in the gas supply market as well as a decrease in gas prices for homes across the state. It has also encouraged gas companies and gas suppliers to invest in a robust pipeline system.

Dominion Energy serves more than 1.2 million natural gas customers in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, including the city of Columbus. It also distributes electricity throughout the Cincinnati metropolitan region, parts of Kentucky and a small portion of West Central Ohio.

Dominion East Ohio, Duke Energy Ohio, and Duke Energy Ohio are the retail divisions of the company. The former covers areas in Southwest Ohio and parts of Kentucky The latter operates in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

The PUCO’s Energy Choice Ohio Website

The Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) established their Energy Choice Ohio website to assist Ohioans in shopping for their own natural gas and electricity suppliers. It’s evident that a lot information provided on the site is misleading and can lead customers into choosing the wrong energy provider for their needs.

In reality there are some providers who just post their information on the PUCO web site because they are aware that a lot of Ohioans have no other option. They know that they can lure customers into rates that are low, but jack up their bills with inexplicably high fees and hidden costs designed to increase their profits, while they skimp on customer service.

That’s why Ohioans require a reliable, independent source that can provide the information needed to make an informed decision. Ohio Energy Ratings is here to help. We can assist you in comparing your current energy provider with the competition, regardless whether you’re looking for low-cost electricity or green renewable energy.